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  • My name is Scott Taylor, and EIM-LLC.US is my presence on the Internet. I'm a self-proclaimed Ford Think Fanatic, but remain hopeful that admitting it is the first step in recovery. I specialize in Ford Think instrument cluster repairs, and modification, but can also provide repair and upgrade services for the Ford Think. If you are looking for a part, either new, used, upgraded or modified, I can probably help you with that, particularly clusters, motors, motor controllers, wheel spacer/adapters, axles, gel and lithium battery installations and conversions. I offer new 5.5 HP and new 7.7 HP motors, as well as programming and Rev-2 Motor Controllers. You can check out the pictures on my 2-seater conversion to LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate batteries), as well as the battery pack itself (not inexpensive, but too many benefits to list here). In addition to upgrading and repairing Thinks, I offer very competitive pricing on new Deka 8G31 GEL batteries and changeout services, in the Northern Californa area. Other states are an option. --- I also offer an upgraded Delta-Q Charger with Integrated DC/DC Converter, which is a major improvement for the Ford Think.---

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